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Re: [wtp-dev] Simplify WTP sub-project setup?

Hi Lars,

I agree with your suggestion to combine several projects but I am not aware of any plans of this sort (I'm just starting to dive into the wtp project). Therefore I can't tell what others on this list do think about it.

Speaking for myself: I don't know the plans of the other participants but I hope to make some contributions (although only starting with November when I got some time off). I personally believe that we should follow this outline in order to get WTP into a modern state (at least that's my personal goal for the next Eclipse release):

* Make all projects maven-only: I don't like the idea that we're using eclipse configuration files and maven project descriptions together. Maybe others have different opinions on that but I think developers nowadays are used to check something out and just run "maven clean install". Feedback is obviously welcome.

* Fix all basic issues: Loading the code base into Eclipse shows a lot of issues such as unnecessary imports, casts, null checks etc. Since these are trivial kinds of issues they should be fixed right away.

* Combine projects that make sense to be combined (the sourceediting repository is such a candidate). I'm aware that other developers might have different feelings about it.

* Use Java 8. That's my primary goal but I think the other stuff should come first. I really like Java 8 ;-)


What is the exact procedure for reviews? I've just took a quick look at which had been assigned to Dimitar Giormov. I personally would reject this commit purely on the basis that the modification adds multiple duplications. However it could be argued that the reviewer could refactor the code afterwards to get rid of these duplications. What would be the right mindset in the context of WTP?

Apart from that: Is there any list which shows who's responsible for which project?


Am 26.09.2016 um 12:07 schrieb Lars Vogel:
Hi, seems to have a lot of
subprojects, but lots of them seem not very active.

Are there plans to combine sub-projects to simplify the committer setup?

We have done this in the Eclipse platform project with several
projects which had only a very small number of committers, e.g. ua,
runtime and text were merged into platform.ui and I think this helped
a lot.

This might help with issues like Robert having problems to get his
patches accepted

Best regards, Lars

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