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Re: [wtp-dev] Bad experience with Neon and JavaScript

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for your answer. I know about MyEclipse before and the new JSjet, I think it was featured in an Eclipse newsletter. It looks really awesome, but yet probably it does not fit in my needs. I did not say before but my main interest is not to use a JS editor else to bundle and extend it in my products. I develop a video game IDE based on Eclipse and JSDT is a key part of it. I was playing with before, to include it in my game editor but yet I prefer to wait for a JSDT update.

Hi Ilya,

I look forward for JSDT, I really want to stick on it, thanks for your answer. I will check the bugs. My internet connection is really a problem, in my country internet is just a nightmare :( it makes hard for me to have an active contribution but is true that at least I can report bugs in the bugzilla.

By the way I think a pure Java parser is the right solution! I never like the idea to depend on external tools like nodejs.

Hi Mickael, 

Thanks for for comment. I see i should wait more for new releases.

> How is it important to have a dedicated wizard for such a trivial task? If the wizard does nothing more than creating a
> file, what's wrong with the new file wizard?  

Well.. as I said before, it gives the feeling of an unfinished product. Maybe for an expert it has not too much sense, but I think it has for newbies. I think it is more elegant if it includes a new JSON file wizard, JSON is an important format now days and looking into the New wizards you can discover what an IDE supports, and I think it is good to highlight that Eclipse supports JSON. Actually, a "new JSON file" wizard has another advantage, you can create a json file with a different extension.

Thanks all for the replies :)

On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 11:29 AM Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 07/07/2016 02:59 PM, Arián Fornaris Fernández wrote:
I see lot of buzz around a _javascript_ update in Eclipse Neon but honestly, I don't see a real change :(

In general, it was a frustrating experience :( I had lot of expectation for this release, but what I see are regressions or a work in progress.
The changes are highly visible if you use node.js, npm, bower, debug...
However, it's true that the pure edition part now misses some important features that were previously available.

- I saw somewhere there is a new JSON editor (but I did not find a wizard to create a JSON file). I had to create it via New File wizard.
How is it important to have a dedicated wizard for such a trivial task? If the wizard does nothing more than creating a file, what's wrong with the new file wizard?

I know there are other options like those based on (that works much better) but yet I prefer to keep on the standard tooling.
JSDT 2.0 + is currently the best combo for JS dev in Eclipse IDE. And I believe it's what most JSDT contributors would recommend at the moment. Hopefully, just JSDT should do the work in a near future.

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