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Re: [wtp-dev] Fwd: [epp-dev] Neon RC2 packages


I believe using the TS Services is the best solution at the moment. It would allow JSDT handle the .js, .jsx, .ts files.
It provides symbols information, content assist etc. Though the concrete integration strategy is subject to discuss.
Language Service protocol doesn't provide AST which may be necessary to display outline for example.
Another point to consider is refactoring which depends on AST as well. Perhaps it makes sense to create some .ts layer
between JSDT and TS Services.

> Ok, thanks for the info. Let's just not waste resources in avoiding this message, and focus on having those navigation
> features working instead. Do you think it would be achievable for Neon.1? All these features require the creation of a
> model and type inference. So, it's still a question if we can use TypeScript services or something other for that.
> Inference engines such as tern most likely build such a model (AFAIK they need to know declaration to infer the type)
> that could be used to reimplement the navigation features. Could it work ?

Eugene Melekhov

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