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Re: [wtp-dev] About parsing and conversion times

This is really good.
I have opened [1] as my first act as JSDT committer :( to get legal blessing for using it.


On 7 Apr 2016, at 11:36, Eugene Melekhov wrote:

Hi all,

I've posted some timings for esprima parsing tsserver.js and subsequent conversion resulting AST into JSDT ASTDom format

Angelo asked about testing parsing tsserver.js using Closure compiler, so I think it's worth presenting all
results for esprima and closure together. All results are in seconds.

Esprima on nashorn + JSDT Dom Conversion
Parse   convert
10.738  7.854
18.736  8.316
12.929  5.261
6.194  4.826
6.036  3.830
4.562  4.982
4.675  3.942

Google closure parser + converting into Google's Internal Representation
Parse  convert Total
0.620  0.260   0.880

At first I didn't belive it, so I used Google's Code Printer to print resulting Internal Representation (after conversion from AST) to make sure that file was really parsed.
And it really was....

So, result speaks for himself.... :-)

That's why I think we should switch to closure and use its internal format.


Eugene Melekhov

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