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[wtp-dev] About parsing and conversion times

Hi all,

I've posted some timings for esprima parsing tsserver.js and subsequent conversion resulting AST into JSDT ASTDom format

Angelo asked about testing parsing tsserver.js using Closure compiler, so I think it's worth presenting all
results for esprima and closure together. All results are in seconds.

Esprima on nashorn + JSDT Dom Conversion
Parse   convert
10.738  7.854
18.736  8.316
12.929  5.261
6.194  4.826
6.036  3.830
4.562  4.982
4.675  3.942

Google closure parser + converting into Google's Internal Representation
Parse  convert Total
0.620  0.260   0.880

At first I didn't belive it, so I used Google's Code Printer to print resulting
Internal Representation (after conversion from AST) to make sure that file was really parsed.
And it really was....

So, result speaks for himself.... :-)

That's why I think we should switch to closure and use its internal format.


Eugene Melekhov

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