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Re: [wtp-dev] How to disable parse of the internal JSDT AST?

On 4 Apr 2016, at 7:24, Angelo zerr wrote:

Hi max,

many thanks for your answer.

1) double parsing problem (one parse on JSDT client side and a second parse on tern server/tsserver). I would like to avoid the parse on JSDT client

why not work on reusing the AST already available on client side and pass
it to server side ?

To do that we need a common JavaScript Engine. For ternjs, node.js -> J2V8
-> Nashorn for performance.

I think a common AST model is sufficient for reducing parsing.
EsprimaParser(our java wrapper around esprima.js) actually has the ESTree model that tern.js uses, it discards it at the moment after converting to DOM AST model.
I think we can hold it (as JSON) to pass to tools like tern or eslint
which uses ESTree AST model.

I think the real problem is, at least at the time I have looked at it,
tsserver does not work with AST’s but files directly.

So we could use J2V8, but it will require that we must implement some
node.js module like "fs" which are consumed in some tern plugins for some
features (like completion for required module)

For TypeScript, in my case I use tsserver which is linked to node.js. I
could implement my own Language Service Host (as TypEcs, and Eclipse
TypeScript have done), but I think it's a bad idea:

* VSCode works with tsserver and tsserver manage a lot of logic like the
use of tsconfig.json
 * tsserver is available when you install TypeScript, so with, it's very easy to change version of TypeScript
(with TypEcs, and Eclipse TypeScript, you need to recompile the plugins,
and you are not sure that it works) .

Thought that was one of the advantages we could do know by using esprima
to parse client side.

2) peformance problem with big file which can take 30 secs (see

That one does look nasty.

Yes I know -(

Is this with a cold parse. We already know that nashorn is slow on the first few executions
until JVM/JIT optimizes.

3) disable validation of the WTP Validator because Esprima throw errors with TypeScript syntax (ex: var s: string) and tsserver is able to validate
js, ts files.t).

If this internal AST cannot be disable (with an extension point?), I tell me if I must implement my own editor (I would like to avoid doing that).

Since you are doing TypeScript I think you'll need to *anyway* as long as
don't have a generic editor fwk to extend. But Gorkem and guys knows
better what
is feasible.

You mean that I should implement my own TextEditor?

I am looking at the enhancement requests you have filed for typescript.

490429 [Mark occurences] override mark occurrence
490427 [formatter] CodeFormatter extension point
490426 [outline] Override content outline
485321 Extension Point to delegate refactoring
479807 More extension for Find References (Ctrl+Shift+G)
470328 Extension point to delegate JSDoc "Generate Element Comment"
482888 Disable JSDT Hyperlink with extension point
482971 Disable some javaCompletionProposalComputer with a new extension point

Looking at the list I am actually having trouble finding the features that you want to use from JSDT Editor. Perhaps implementing a new editor is the way to proceed.

Regard's Angelo


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