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Re: [wtp-dev] How to disable parse of the internal JSDT AST?

On 4 Apr 2016, at 9:53, Angelo zerr wrote:

Hi guys,

I would like to know if you have planned for JSDT Editor to give the
capability to disable the internal parse which build an AST? And if you
have planned it, do you think it will be available for Neon?

In &, I don't need this AST, because AST is done
on tern server/tsserver side

1) double parsing problem (one parse on JSDT client side and a second parse
on tern server/tsserver). I would like to avoid the parse on JSDT client

why not work on reusing the AST already available on client side and pass it to server side ?

Thought that was one of the advantages we could do know by using esprima to parse client side.

2) peformance problem with big file which can take 30 secs (see

That one does look nasty.

3) disable validation of the WTP Validator because Esprima throw errors
with TypeScript syntax (ex: var s: string) and tsserver is able to validate
js, ts files.t).

If this internal AST cannot be disable (with an extension point?), I tell
me if I must implement my own editor (I would like to avoid doing that).

Since you are doing TypeScript I think you'll need to anyway as long as Eclipse
don't have a generic editor fwk to extend. But Gorkem and guys knows better what
is feasible.


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