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Re: [wtp-dev] Make CSS3 the default CSS profile

Hi Max,

It is not in the preference, but in the properties. 

You can do this per file - in the Web Content Settings property page.

Or per project - same property page - but only if the project is a Static/Dynamic Web Project.



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Subject: Re: [wtp-dev] Make CSS3 the default CSS profile

+1 and great its already in.

Now i'm curious - where does one actually does this switch manually ? I did not find it in the preferences.



Currently, the default profile for the CSS editor is CSS2. It's not really obvious how to switch the editor to CSS3, so most users assume that Eclipse does not support CSS3.

I found that there is a bug [1] for switching the default profile to CSS3 for Mars, but this change was not implemented. I pushed a patch [2] to Gerrit to make this change for Neon.

I kindly ask the SSE committers to review it.





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