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[wtp-dev] Proposal: Ignore undefined HTML attributes, elements validation with extension point

Hi Angelo and WTP HTML Adopters,

For Bug #443097 (Ignore undefined HTML attributes, elements validation with extension point) we'd like to propose a change to HTML Validation in order to allow Adopters to introduce their own validators for the custom tags like the ionic and angular ones that cannot be validated through the DTDs or XML Schemas.

The change provides extension point that allows adopters to inject their own custom validator, interface which is to be implemented by such a validator and abstract class that already implements the required interface for the validator and can be derived by a custom validator and contain some useful utility methods. Custom validators might either just prevent WTP HTML Validator to report errors for custom/dynamic tags and attributes or even report their own validation errors.

JUnit test case for HTML Validator is updated with a test case in order to test the custom validator.

We'd like to know if this change will be useful for the Adopters and does its work.

Please discuss the enhancement at
Please review the code for the proposal at

Thanks in advance,
Victor Rubezhny,


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