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Re: [wtp-dev] JSON Editor contribution is approved

Good news.
Here are my 2 cents.

On 11/25/2015 12:31 AM, Victor V. Rubezhny wrote:
During few discussions that took place during last few weeks we're all agreed to put this contribution into WTP SSE repository (correct me if I'm wrong), so given the fact of moving the repository into Gerrit and merging the webtools.sourceediting.tests repository into it, I have the following questions:

- Should we wait for the finish of Gerrit adoption process or we can attach the final patch for the issue (bug #471820) before we proceed with actual code pushing? And how the adoption goes for webtools.sourceediting? (IMHO, it's better to propose a change in Gerrit instead of just a text patch attachment for the contribution...)
- Should we wait for the webtools.sourceediting.tests to be finally merged into webtools.sourceediting repository? (As far as I understood, not only the tests are to be merged, but the overall maven project is to be fixed during the merge, so we have to use the latest projects configuration for the contribution.)
I would say that we already waited too much. There are already 2 things we're waiting on for this repository (Gerrit, merge), let's avoid adding one more.
If you want a review mechanism, you can consider turning the contribution into a commit on a branch at GitHub and review/amed the commit there until it's ready to get merged.

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