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[wtp-dev] JSON Editor contribution is approved

Hi All!

We've finally got the JSON Editor contribution approved, see:

BugZilla for the contribution:
- - [contribution] Eclipse WTP JSON Editor

CQs for the contribution and supplementary libraries & JSON schemas:
- - JSON Editor
- - minimal-json Version: 0.9.4 - - Use/redistribute JSON Schemas originally published at

We still have few minor issues to fix, but it wouldn't take too long to get the final commit ready:

- we have to fix the icons (we'll put en empty ones in order not to have licensing issues and open the new issue in order to contribute the icons); - we have to remove some extra file (an old license file that is not valid anymore);
- we have to move into org.eclipse.wst.* namespace
- we have to setup a maven project configs for plug-ins and new features

During few discussions that took place during last few weeks we're all agreed to put this contribution into WTP SSE repository (correct me if I'm wrong), so given the fact of moving the repository into Gerrit and merging the webtools.sourceediting.tests repository into it, I have the following questions:

- Should we wait for the finish of Gerrit adoption process or we can attach the final patch for the issue (bug #471820) before we proceed with actual code pushing? And how the adoption goes for webtools.sourceediting? (IMHO, it's better to propose a change in Gerrit instead of just a text patch attachment for the contribution...) - Should we wait for the webtools.sourceediting.tests to be finally merged into webtools.sourceediting repository? (As far as I understood, not only the tests are to be merged, but the overall maven project is to be fixed during the merge, so we have to use the latest projects configuration for the contribution.) - Are we able to put JSON Editor plug-ins into webtools.sourceediting/bundles (without creating any extra folders)? - Is it OK to use org.eclipse.wst.json.* namespace for JSON Editor plug-ins and features?

We still targeting the contribution for Neon Release.

Thanks in advance,
Victor Rubezhny,


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