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[wtp-dev] Eclipse IDE for Web, not J2EE, Devs

Hey gang,

I just wanted to throw this out there and see if people have an opinion. As part of some non IDE work I’m doing, I’m building a web service. We’re using vert.x Java as a REST server and plain Java for our microservices and React.js as a front end. At one point we were using Angular 1.x and if Angular 2.x had released, we would have considered that.

I was wondering how common a use case that is. I loved using Eclipse to build it but part of why I’m poking around here (aside from my _javascript_/QML interest) is seeing how we could improve the front end development side of my service (and thus my interest in JSX). I think we have a great opportunity to help developers building similar systems.

Also, as we start to put together an Eclipse Package for Android development using Andmore as it’s base, I wonder if it would be interesting to provide an EPP for the Web developer who’s not doing J2EE. We used to have the _javascript_ package that was pretty close to that.

Anyway, just trying to get a sense of how popular these things are and whether you think they’d be good for the community.

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