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[wtp-dev] TypeScript & JSDT with

Hi everybody,

For your information, I have started a new project which provides a TypeScript client which consumes tsserver like tom have started with

I have prefered to create from scratch the TypeScript client (instead of using tom work) because:

 * I have doen the  same thing than (plugins which ar enot linked to Eclipse) to consume it with Netbeans, etc
 * it doesn't requires Java8.
 * I would like to have the same TypeScript client API than VSCode
 * I use collector architecture to provide with an easy mean, asynch/synch completion, with or without timeout, etc

For the moment, I have a lot worked about completion features:

 * with a simple Java main: You can notice that I have managed too update of the content of the typescript file (when user changes content of the editor). Today it works like Sublime and Vim integration which consumes tsserver (with a temporay file, it's strange but it's the only mean to do that since tsserevr use readline). It seems that VSCode uses "change" command to update content. I will study that.

 * with a simple SWT Text:

 * and with JSDT Editor!

I have not tested with a lot of files, but performance seems very good (tsserver uses a system of request/response which is very performant. I hav eused Future task for that an dit works very good). With existing Eclipse TypeScript plugins, my Eclispe freeze every time with the same file. Their integration waits a response from a request and doesn't uses tsserver. In my case I use tsserver (which is used by VSCode which is very performant) and Future task.

My next work is to integrate TypeScript validation by developping a WTP Validator (like I have done with Validation with tsserver is done with async mode, so I'm very impatient to see the result.

Hope you will like it.

Regard's Angelo

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