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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP JSDT call


The question is what is the AST required for. eg I've used Nashorn a
while back to get a simple AST from JavaScript, although I think it does
not yet support ES6 and it naturally does not do all the type-inference.
Does anybody know how Netbeans does his JavaScript stuff? Do they use

I tend to think in small services and an editor needs the following:

Prio 1:
* Syntax highlighting (lexical)
* Outline
* Autocomplete
* Error-Reporting
* Doc-Hover information

Prio 2:
* Syntax highlighting (semantical)
* Refactor/Rename
* Debug

who are potentially totally decoupled from each other! Whether semantic
highlight is important depends heavily on the language. I think for
imperative languages it is not a must but for something like CSS it is.


On 10.11.15 15:22, Gorkem Ercan wrote:
> Hi ,
> Today's agenda for the call is now online [1]
> We will be reviewing the renewal architecture [2] and try to discuss and
> hopefully
> conclude on the proposals. I would appreciate if you can take a look at
> the discussion on [2] and contribute
> either by attending the meeting, on the mailing list.
> Also attached to the agenda screencasts for the JS debugger that Denis
> has been working to revive. I feel that we are ready
> to move forward with this work and contribute it to JDST.
> [1]
> [2]
> -- 
> Gorkem
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