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Re: [wtp-dev] Customizing XML Editor Outline view

On 10/21/2015 10:25 AM, Kev James wrote:

I'm extending the StructuredTextEditor to provide custom functionality for a particular set of XML documents my company's product creates. I've started to extend XMLContentOutlineConfiguration to provide a custom outline for these documents, and I'd like to change the icons that pop up next to each element.
I would recommend you, and I would recommend anyone interested in contributing that to WTP as well, to rely on the Common Navigator Framework to implement the outline. This would provide extensibility "for free" as the CNF is designed for extensibility.

To use CNF, you have to re-implement the Outline View for your editor by using a CommonViewer or extending CommonNavigator, giving it an ID, and using the NavigatorService to retrieve the various content/label providers that will be associated with this ID via plugin.xml.
If you implement it that way, you'll have to create the extensions to register the regular WTP content/label providers found in XMLContentOutlineConfiguration to the NavigatorService registry. In that case, please also contribute those extensions defined in the plugin.xml to WTP, that would be a first step towards adoption of CNF in WTP directly.

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