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[wtp-dev] A couple of questions on WTP SourceEditing repository...


The questions are probably to Nitin (as he's a project lead for SourceEditing)...

Am I correct in that if I want to deliver a couple of fixes into SourceEditing for 3.7.2 I have to push into both - R3_7_maintenance and master - branches? If so, are both branches open for push and is it a good time to push regarding the following merge of *.tests repository into webtools.sourceediting repo?

This is regarding the following JSDT/Web issues that have patches attached: - JavaScript files that are the children of a 'derived' folder are excluded from the build/parsing/validation/indexing - NullPointerException in AutoEditStrategyForJs.getJavaProject (67) - NullPointerException in FormattingStrategyJSDT.getTranslation (288) - NullPointerException in JSDTHoverProcessor.getHoverInfo (58) - JavaScriptModelException in JavaModelOperation.runOperation (798) - IndexOutOfBoundsException in JsValidator.performValidation (201) - NullPointerException in NodeImpl.getStructuredDocument (477) - NullPointerException in JFaceNodeAdapterForJs.filter (142)

Thanks in Advance,
Victor Rubezhny,


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