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Re: [wtp-dev] Requesting community feedback for changes to the New Server Wizard

On 25 Aug 2015, at 21:00, Steven Hung wrote:

8. There is a terminology mismatch caused by mixing feature names and server names in the same tree. Whereas all entries should be a server type, some are “X Server Adapter” or “X Tools”. This could be solved by adding metadata to the adapter repo so that it advertises the list of supported server types.
The terminology mismatch is caused by the server adapter's metadata. It will be up to the server adapter providers to provide the correct metadata (but we are not forcing them to do so right now).

What would be "correct metadata" a list of server names made available if you install the server adapter plugin ?

i.e. for JBoss it would be something like:

* JBoss 3.x
* JBoss 4.x
* JBoss 7.x
* WildFly 8.0
* WildFly 9.0
* WildFly 10.0
* JBoss Enterprise Application Server 6.0
* JBoss Enterprise Application Server 6.1+
* JBoss Enterprise Application Server 5.0

is that the plan ?


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