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[wtp-dev] webtools.jeetools branched to R3_6_maintenance


The Java EE Tools team has now branched off an R3_6_maintenance branch- the content from there will be used for WTP 3.6.3.  Please be aware of this, so that any change (with PMC approval) that is for WTP 3.6.3 is made in that branch, as well as in master.
The bug behind this is - the Web Services team branched off to R3_6_maintenance, but due to the CBI build's dependence on the last commit date for the qualifier of a plugin or feature and its caching of previously built plugins/features, we were encountering an issue where the features in Java EE Tools were built in one build and then trying to be reused in the other, with bad results (since the underlying Web Services features and plugins had changed).  The WTP Releng team will continue to monitor the builds and will work with any additional teams to fix any further issues that might arise.


- Carl Anderson
WTP Build guy

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