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[wtp-dev] Fwd: Tested the Bower integration

FYI - some feedback Gorkem shared about the incoming bower contribution.

We are waiting for PMC to +1 ...actually just this moment
that bz was updated with a +1 ...awesome.

anyways, for those interested gorkem have the feedback below which we should start looking at.

Forwarded message:

From: Gorkem Ercan <gercan@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Victor Rubezhny <vrubezhny@xxxxxxxxxx>, Max Andersen <manderse@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Tested the Bower integration
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 20:29:42 -0500

I have had a chance to look at the Bower integration that Victor has packaged. As promised, it does provide the basic install support.

I could spot 4 commands:

Bower init: Works on the project/folder level and generates an empty bower.json file on the container it was invoked at. But because there is no support for editing the generated bower.json. I have ended up staring at the text editor. I think we should disable this one until we
get decent edition support.

Bower install: It is invoked on bower.json file (which is fine) and installs the dependencies listed on the bower.json. It actually does the job but I think it is not really working right. Compared to the real bower it was painfully slow (we are talking horse vs jet planes) and it actually locks the UI.

I was really curious to see if it supported .bowerrc. And it does, well sort of. The 'directory' value that I have put on the .bowerrc file was actually used to put the dependency packages so that was good. However, I had a 'registry' server entry which was totally ignored. I guess registry servers are ignored because there is an eclipse preference for it but IMHO the preference should be used only if .bowerrc does not specify one. I have not checked if other values from .bowerrc
is used or not.

Bower update: This is supposed to update installed packages to their newest version but it looks like it just reinstalls. Probably it does not use any caching so it is as slow as install. I guess it needs to be fixed somehow but my suggestion is to remove this command, fix caching and just use the install command. We can rename install to
'restore libraries' or something of that nature.

Bower clean: Deletes the installed packages. Works as advertised.

Overall, this contribution provides a promising starting point but there is a lot of details that needs to be worked out.

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