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[wtp-dev] Changes to JpaFacetInstallDelegate


In M7 we made a change to the JpaFacetInstallDelegate to remove the functionality that creates an orm.xml file during project creation. See bug 403131 [1] for more information on this change. I was initially thinking this to be regular internal API, but as it is part of the facet install behavior, it seems reasonable to treat it with more caution.

It has become more obvious recently that this is a change that may impact adopters who might be relying on this functionality. I'm wondering now if this is a change that we should revert for Kepler so that adopters can continue to rely on this facet install behavior. Let us know if you might be impacted by this change in some way.

To add some additional context, the Dali UI no longer provides default orm.xml creation during project creation [2].



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