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[wtp-dev] Time to cleanup bugs targeted to Kepler.

Hi everyone,

We are delivering our M7 driver today, and start our work toward RC1.

This table shows our remaining Kepler targeted bugs(click to bring you to live table)

We will be going over these on Thursday, please triage any bug that remains, in addition we still have the following list of critcal/blockers - these should be triaged

ID Product Comp Assignee Status TargetM Summary Changed
407219 WTP Comm wst.comm rob.stryker@xxxxxxxxx NEW 3.5 M7 Random ConcurrentModificationException in GlobalHeirarchyParticipant.isChildModule Mon 05:30
407014 Vjet Build-Re earlyster@xxxxxxxxx NEW --- VJET 0.10 should restrict version of Jetty to [8.1.3,9.0.0) to prevent runtime errors when compiled against Eclipse Kepler (Jetty 9) Thu 04:54
407129 Vjet Build-Re earlyster@xxxxxxxxx NEW --- Eclipse crash when opening file Thu 19:11
384319 JSDT General jsdt._javascript_-inbox@eclip... NEW --- CPU utilization to 100% when this is appended to new object definition 2013-02-06
390725 JSDT Web jsdt.web-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW --- java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when opening HTML file (codeSelect) 2012-10-18
405150 WTP Webs kchong@xxxxxxxxxx NEW --- HTTP Authentication in Web Service Client wizard 2013-04-25
402018 WTP Serv wst.serv sghung@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI --- After minutes of use it takes 10-30 seconds to save due waiting for background operation Thu 06:20

Thanks - Chuck

Senior Architect, RAD Java EE Tools, WTP PMC Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC

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