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Re: [wtp-dev] Stepping down as project lead


I just wanted to thank you for your many years of contribution to Eclipse.
All the best in your new adventures.

Mike Milinkovich

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> Subject: [wtp-dev] Stepping down as project lead
> As mentioned in last week's status meeting, I'm stepping down as the
> lead for Source Editing and JSDT, and hopefully the nominations for my
> replacement won't be a shock to anyone.  While I won't be disappearing
> entirely, I have full faith in their ability to keep everything running
> smoothly as I take on new challenges from my employer.  Committers for
> the respective projects, please reply with your +1s by next week's
> status meeting in keeping with the guidelines at
> 4_6_Leaders
> and .
> For JSDT I'm nominating Chris Jaun.  As one of the initial Committers on
> JSDT, even before we separated it into its own project, Chris undertook
> the messy task of removing a lot of vestigial code that was left over
> from the original forking from JDT.  Since then he's tackled memory
> problems and all sorts of bizarre exceptions and corner cases spanning
> hundreds of bug fixes, and shown a talent for and interest in project
> management that, frankly, exceeds my own.  If there's anyone to step in
> and take over those aspects while still having the know-how to help with
> the patch and bug backlog, it's Chris.  Please give him your support.
> As for Source Editing, I've been working on it for 13 years, give or
> take a couple of weeks, and for the last 5 of them Nick Sandonato's been
> my right hand.  He knows the code base as well as I do, even better than
> I do in a few places, and it's been an honor to be his mentor and friend
> the whole time.  Whether it's responding to bug reports with an event
> temper, keeping us from breaking the build too often, or mentoring
> potential Committers, there's no one I would trust more to take on the
> duties of the project lead.  Please give him your backing.
> For everyone else, the 3.4.2 site has been waiting patiently at
> (releases/3.4.2 in our web
> site repository) if anyone has release notes to add.  Anything already
> intended for post-3.4.2 patch builds comes to mind.
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