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[wtp-dev] Stepping down as project lead

As mentioned in last week's status meeting, I'm stepping down as the lead for Source Editing and JSDT, and hopefully the nominations for my replacement won't be a shock to anyone. While I won't be disappearing entirely, I have full faith in their ability to keep everything running smoothly as I take on new challenges from my employer. Committers for the respective projects, please reply with your +1s by next week's status meeting in keeping with the guidelines at and .

For JSDT I'm nominating Chris Jaun. As one of the initial Committers on JSDT, even before we separated it into its own project, Chris undertook the messy task of removing a lot of vestigial code that was left over from the original forking from JDT. Since then he's tackled memory problems and all sorts of bizarre exceptions and corner cases spanning hundreds of bug fixes, and shown a talent for and interest in project management that, frankly, exceeds my own. If there's anyone to step in and take over those aspects while still having the know-how to help with the patch and bug backlog, it's Chris. Please give him your support.

As for Source Editing, I've been working on it for 13 years, give or take a couple of weeks, and for the last 5 of them Nick Sandonato's been my right hand. He knows the code base as well as I do, even better than I do in a few places, and it's been an honor to be his mentor and friend the whole time. Whether it's responding to bug reports with an event temper, keeping us from breaking the build too often, or mentoring potential Committers, there's no one I would trust more to take on the duties of the project lead. Please give him your backing.

For everyone else, the 3.4.2 site has been waiting patiently at (releases/3.4.2 in our web site repository) if anyone has release notes to add. Anything already intended for post-3.4.2 patch builds comes to mind.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse Web Tools Platform
IBM Rational

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