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[wtp-dev] eGit merge can cause issues (was [wtp-releng] WTP adoption of new ICU blocked by DTP)


I wanted to share what happened here, since this may hit others using eGit while developing WTP.  Simply put, I made changes to our file to move the WTP 3.5 build up to a newer Eclipse platform and DTP.  Since this prevented us from building, I went in to revert the changes.  I did a history of the file, and did a Compare with Working Tree.  As meticulous as I am, I used the Next Change button to go through each change and then used the Copy Current Change from Right to Left button on each change.  Once I had reverted all of the changes, I saved, and then did another Compare with Working Tree (I told you I was meticulous) to ensure that there were no other changes.  The files appeared identical.  So I committed and pushed the change, and the build blew up.
It took me quite a bit of searching to find the whitespace difference that was causing the issue.  And even after I had fixed it by hand, eGit wouldn't let me commit the file, since it still stated that nothing had changed.  There's probably some setting in there that I can change that will force eGit to recognize the whitespace-only change, but I ended up just making another non-whitespace change and then I was able to commit and push the file, and the builds started working again.
Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of what happened to me, since I never had issues like this with CVS, and since it might happen to another WTP developer at some point.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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[wtp-releng] WTP adoption of new ICU blocked by DTP

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I did a search through our MANIFEST.MF files, and I do not see any that have an explicit requirement of a version range for ICU- all of the ones that I saw were similar to:;

I tried to move the WTP build up to the latest Eclipse 4.3 integration drivers, which include the new ICU.  Unfortunately, DTP has not fixed their ICU dependencies.  They have opened to address this issue.  Once that bug is resolved, I will attempt to verify that we do not have any ICU versioning issues.


- Carl Anderson
WTP Build guy
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