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Re: [wtp-dev] New m2e JavaEE configurators from JBoss Tools (minus JPA)


It's great to here of the contribution and the progress you are making.  One thing we can talk about on the call is starting to align m2e-wtp with the WTP schedule.  As what I hope becomes a part of the larger WTP offering, we will likely need to get m2e-wtp aligned with the general WTP release schedule.  This will ideally involve offerings for the yearly simultaneous release, as well as specific maintenance releases to support the SR's.  Having an active maintenance stream and a dev stream for the next major release is part of the standard process, and is necessary for the stability of the released codebase.

As a result, I would think that 0.17.0 should be an Eclipse Juno based release, and should not be concerned with the Kepler code base at this time.  I understand that this may not be possible yet, but we can discuss on the proposed call.  

This is part of the consequences/trade-offs of Dali's evolving provisional API.   There are many benefits, but also a cost.  The Dali team is ready to assist in any provisional API migration when the need arises.   I also planned to notify of these changes on milestones on dali-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx but have missed the last two milestones.  Tune into dali-dev for additional change notification.  For what it is worth, my intention is that the Kepler release will be the last major evolution of the provisional API's. 


On 12/4/2012 3:56 PM, Fred Bricon wrote:

earlier today I submitted JBoss Tools' JAXRS, JSF and JPA m2e project configurators as a new contribution to m2e-wtp [1][2]. 
I cleaned up the original code, using the org.eclipse.m2e.wtp namespace. The 3 configurators come as 3 separate, optional features to m2e-wtp.
Hopefully, the contribution is IP clean so I'm expecting it'll be vetted rapidly by the EMO team.

All was good and well until, right before I submitted the code contribution, I tested my local build against Kepler (JBoss Tools hasn't started migrating to Kepler yet).
Turns out the JPA configurator contribution is unusable without major modifications, due to Dali breaking pretty much *all* the provisional API JBoss Tools depended upon [3].
It's certainly my fault if I wasn't aware of the breaking changes earlier. Well, I understand provisional API means it can be broken from one minor version to another, but still, I think
it would have been less painful if the code was marked as deprecated instead, for at least 1 version increment.

I really, really don't want to maintain several maintenance streams so, it looks like the JPA support won't be made available until after we release m2e-wtp 0.17.0 in february.

I propose we discuss the subject and Kepler M4 this Thursday Dec 6th (I'll be unavailable friday and the following week), at 11am-12am EST / 17pm-18pm CET on a status call 


Fred Bricon

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