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[wtp-dev] Bugs

Hi all,


The (SAP) team I’m working in is implementing some WTP related proprietary plugins and we’ve met some problems which resulted in bugs in the Eclipse bugzilla. We’ve proposed some patches, which are waiting for approval. We already have three bugs/patches in different WTP subprojects (plus one in PDE for which I’ll write a separate mail in the corresponding mailing list).


It’s not that the bugs have been pending for too long, but the problem here is that all of them are blockers for our team work and since they are already four it really becomes a huge blocker.


I know it was really intense during the maintenance release and as I told already the patches haven’t been pending for too long, but I (on behalf of my team) want to kindly ask you for a bit of your attention on these bugs in order to unblock our work. We would really appreciate it.


The bugs I’m talking about are:


Java Server Faces




WTP server Tools


Thanks in advance!

Stefan Dimov


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