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Re: [wtp-dev] Who, in WTP, will be in Juno?

Was just thinking about adding to Juno. Marked as such in the portal


- Konstantin



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Subject: [wtp-dev] Who, in WTP, will be in Juno?


The Eclipse Foundation recently added 'juno' to their list of 'simultaneousrelease' flags in their metadata for projects. I wanted to test if some of the summary pages were working, so needed some data, so I signed up "webtools" to be in Juno. No controversy there ... I hope!

By looking at

you can see that the "tracking" relationships from last year were maintained. We in WTP have always released (for the yearly train) as one big project, and only track as one big project, one set of docuware, IP logs, etc. As far as I know, that's still desired and easiest. So the "summary" shows all our sub-projects "under" webtools.

But, still Project Leads, those "child" sub-projects (webtools.sourceediting, webtools.webservices, etc.) should still go in and mark your own project's "simultaneousrelease" flag to denote a "1" for "juno" just for completeness. (In case there's other software that looks at individual project flags). Whether or not you are "tracked" under the parent webtools is handled by the "tracking data" part of the portal and should need no change for those in last year's (Indigo) release.

Now, for the subject question ... who _else_ will in in Juno?

Are there any new or incubating projects that are planning to be in Juno?

Such as Java EE Module Configuration Editors ( If the plan is to release with Juno, Konstantin, you should mark the "simultaneousrelease" flag for juno (to be "1"), and then go in to "tracker" part of portal, and set "track with parent" (Assuming that's the plan).

What about Pave? That project hasn't seemed too active, but, I think they should either "release" or consider "archiving" themselves if there are no plans to do a release. So, if the plan is to release, then please mark flags. Feel free to discuss with the PMC is questions/issues.

What about XQDT? That's a collection of components in WTP Incubator. If they want to release, they will first have to move out to a separate sub-project, etc, so in some sense they'd have the most work to do .... but, last I heard, the tools in there were pretty useful ... but I'll confess I've lost track of their plans, progress, and process.

Any others?

Note: remember that incubating projects can still release, if you you'd like to release as still an incubating project. You can still go in the common repository if you are incubating, but, as a matter of policy, the EPP JEE Package only accepts "graduated" components.

Note 2: I would not worry too much about filling in or checking all the other "tracking data", yet, such as the fields for URLs, etc., as those forms need some fixes and improvements anyway and its unclear exactly what or when that will happen. The important thing for now is to "declare intent" by M4 (December).

Let us know if any questions.

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