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[wtp-dev] WTP Java EE Project Planning Meeting Next Thursday, September 29

The M2 milestone is right around the corner, and we are forming our plans for Juno, we would like to discuss several areas ripe for improvement.

We will be having a Java EE status meeting to talk about possible enhancements, and welcome suggestions and requests.

What enhancements or areas are we investigating possible enhancements for in Juno release in the Java EE Area?
  • Maven (m2e) integration
  • Java EE 6 spec enhancements?
  • Java 7 enhancements?
  • "Web" project / facet consolidation?
More details to come - call-in info can be found here:

Thanks - Chuck

Chuck Bridgham
RAD Architect, Java EE Tools, WTP PMC

2D barcode - encoded with contact information Phone: 1-919-254-1848

4205 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703-9141
United States

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