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[wtp-dev] Testing for Indigo SR1 JEE/JS IDE Packages

In case anyone in community of wtp-dev wants to do some "final testing" of "final packages" for Indigo SR1, they are available as below.

It'd be pretty unlikely there would be any re-builds this quiet week for bugs found, even regressions, unless "data damaging", or something, but any final testing done this week would be good, since if there were bad bugs or regressions found, it is best for us to know about them first, before end-users ... we could maybe provide some "work around" or, in a really bad case, perhaps have a patch ready to go, when these packages are released on Friday.

I have already given the "go ahead" for the SR1 release, so any further testing, from you, is purely optional sanity checking ... and your enjoyment. :)


To test "update", from Indigo SR0 release package, you'd need to add these two (temporary) repositories to your list of software sites.

EPP Repository for this build:
Simultaneous Release Maintenance Repository:


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