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[wtp-dev] How to extend Web Page Editor's palette?

Hi guys,

Currently, I am working for add tapestry support for Eclipse WTP (it
is a GSoC 2011 project, i host it here [1]). But i catch up with a
small problem

I want to add a Tapestry section in Web Page Editor's palette, it will
include some Tapestry elements (such as t:actionlink) and we can
drag-and-drop the Tapestry elements from the Palette to editing jsp

The problem is How can i do this ? I mean i do not know whether there
is any extension points of Eclipse WTP for developers to do this, and
i even do not know how to start. Is there any relative documents about
this ? I am really looking for some documents about this topic. Thank

Best Regards
Gavin Lei (雷银)
Email: gavingui2011@xxxxxxxxx

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