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[wtp-dev] Small change to WTP 3.2.4 release schedule: now is 5/20.

Our WTP 3.2.4 release (extended maintenance on Helios stream) was due to be released on 5/13, this Friday.

But, our quality conscious committers found we had introduced a regression [1] and proposed fixing it, even though it required a re-build during our "quiet week" which we use as a safety buffer. The WTP PMC agreed, due to the seriousness of the regression and the safety of the fix.

The rebuild is finished [2], and we have asked for final sign-offs by (still) 5/13 [3], our original release date, but the WTP PMC decided it would be prudent to extend the final, official release by one week until 5/20, to (still) allow for one "quiet week" buffer, since any adopters planning to use this maintenance release will have to pick up the final build and there is always a small chance they might find some issue with that final build. This is feasible for this off-cycle maintenance since we do not need to coordinate with a "Simultaneous Release" for this particular maintenance release. The "M-build" [2] is ready to be picked up and tested and, assuming no blocking problems are found, on 5/20 we will rename to an R-build, update our repository [4] and officially announce.

Please let us know if this delay impacts anyone in ways we did anticipate.

Thank you,





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