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[wtp-dev] WTP 3.2.3 declare schedule


      Currently, our plans for WTP 3.2.3 is to go without declaring a build
until January.  This worries me for the following reason:  Teams (or at
least the Java EE Tools team, but most likely others) are still putting in
fixes for WTP 3.2.3.  These fixes should only improve our stability... but
unfortunately, what fixes one issue occasionally raises another.  And,
we've learned in the past that waiting for an extended time before
declaring often results in a week (or two or three) of a scramble to fix
stop-ship issues that have arisen and remain unaddressed.  But I also don't
believe that a weekly declare would be of great benefit.  (And our main
focus should remain on WTP 3.3)  As such, I propose that we do an
occasional declare through the end of the year, to ensure that we address
these issues earlier.  Perhaps something like:

Nov 5:  WTP 3.2.3 integration build declare
Nov 19 : WTP 3.2.3 integration build declare
Dec 3: WTP 3.2.3 integration build declare
Dec 17: WTP 3.2.3 integration build declare

And then we can take a break for the holidays, followed by our current
declare schedule.
I am open to suggestions here- is that too often?  Too few?  (I would hope
not).  Anyway, just something to ponder for today's call.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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