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Re: [wtp-dev] Notice that preliminary support for HTML5 will be in WTP Service Release 3.2.2 (Helios SR1)

If I'm reading the bug correctly, the HTML5 support comes from a
non-committer contribution. Even with a service release, you'll still
need to have your IP Log reviewed/updated.

Does this change come with any additions/changes in API?


David Carver wrote:
> On 09/01/2010 10:26 PM, David M Williams wrote:
>> We (the WTP PMC and Source Editing Project) wanted to be sure to
>> communicate well to
>> the community that our upcoming service release will contain
>> preliminary source editing
>> support for HTML5.  See bug 292415.
>> We wanted to announce this on this mailing list since, to some, this
>> will appear to be a "new feature" in
>> a service release.  While it is admittedly a large addition, there
>> are no new bundles, no new Eclipse
>> Features, nor any new or changed APIs.  From an HTML point of view,
>> this is merely a new content model
>> (set of valid HTML elements and attributes) to code and validate
>> against. So, we concluded it fit within the
>> bounds of a "service release".
> It's still a new feature.  As prior, only HTML 4.x was supported, now
> HTML 5 is supported.   I think we could
> argue semantics on this one if we wanted to.  Of course we could have
> argued semantics on the PsychoPath Processor
> service release support JDK 1.4 as well, I guess.
> I think it is a good thing to include, but think we really blurred
> what we call a feature in this case.
> Dave
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