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[wtp-dev] Notice that preliminary support for HTML5 will be in WTP Service Release 3.2.2 (Helios SR1)

We (the WTP PMC and Source Editing Project) wanted to be sure to communicate well to
the community that our upcoming service release will contain preliminary source editing
support for HTML5.  See bug 292415.

We wanted to announce this on this mailing list since, to some, this will appear to be a "new feature" in
a service release.  While it is admittedly a large addition, there are no new bundles, no new Eclipse
Features, nor any new or changed APIs.  From an HTML point of view, this is merely a new content model
(set of valid HTML elements and attributes) to code and validate against. So, we concluded it fit within the
bounds of a "service release".

Those we have already talked to would greatly like to see this new support, but thought it should be
widely communicated so that no one would be surprised. Let us know if this has any impact we
have not anticipated.

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