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[wtp-dev] User Problem (log4j.xml not copied)


I've a question about the usage of WTP (Version 3.1.1).

I'm not sure this is the right forum for posting user related
questions, but on the WTP website
( I didn't find anything
else. The newsgroup's address
isn't reachable.

My question is: I have a maven project (using the m2 plugin)
configured as dynamic web project. In the folder src/main/resources
(which is configured in Build Path properties as one of the source
folders) there are several configuration files, one of those is
log4j.xml. The corresponding Build folder is target/classes.

For some reasons which I don't understand all files in the folder
src/main/resources are copied to target/classes but not the log4j.xml.
I always have to copy it manually to target/classes.

My question is: has anybody an explanation about this behaviour or
could it be that the file is copied but somehow deleted straight away?

Best regards,


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