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[wtp-dev] FYI: Changes to Tomcat publishing in WTP 3.2 coming in next build.

In case it helps avoid some head scratching, those of you who use Tomcat and the Deployment Assembly project properties page should be aware of a change to Tomcat publishing that will appear in the next build.  As of the next build, dynamic web projects published by the Tomcat server adapter will honor the Deploy Path specified in the Deployment Assembly page.  Prior to this, project and jar dependencies were hardcoded to publish to "WEB-INF/lib", regardless of what was specified as the deploy-path in the org.eclipse.wst.common.component file.

You should note that the _current_ behavior of the Deployment Assembly page tends to map dependent jars and projects to the root of a dynamic web project as the default.  Unless you manually update the Deploy Path of added dependencies to include "/WEB-INF/lib", your dynamic web project isn't likely to work as expected when run on a Tomcat server with the next WTP 3.2 build.

For details about the publishing change, you can refer to Bug 306732 [1].



Larry Isaacs
Eclipse Customer Technology
SAS Institute Inc.

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