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[wtp-dev] Capabilities? Who has capabilities?

We do, for one. See

I've written this document to comply with "simultaneous release" requirements.  And, we do make use of them in the Java EE IDE package (or, will, in M7).

I'm posting this here for general awareness, especially for WTP committers. I "threw these together" at sort of the last minute last year, and in fact, they are more an example, rather than a product-ready definition for use in all cases. (That is, most products would want to provide their own). Put another way, if anyone (committers or community) wants to improve them, that's great (the definitions or the document). One obvious "hole" is we don't say anything about JSF or JPA Tools in the Java EE definitions. So those menu items can not be "turned off", which is kind of odd. So, not a high priority, but, again, if anyone wants to improve them, the wiki document should provide what you need to get started. Otherwise, committers, please just be familiar with the document, and the definitions as best as I've written them (without actually knowing much about them), and check for any obvious errors or omissions. When you are testing the Java EE Package (after M7) it would be a good idea to sanity check them.

Much thanks,

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