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[wtp-dev] Importing an ear ...

I imported an ear with a number of wars in it. 

For example: ear-->war1, war2, war3

In the resulting WS, I have 4 projects created one for the ear and 3 corresponding to war1 war2 and war3.

Also there is an ear/lib directory where there seem to be 3 files one corresponding to each war. I am not sure what these are. 

I now want to add a war4 to this ear. So I make a Dynamic web project and then add it to the ear.

The components file gets updated with a dependant module with archive name war4.war.

I expected the new war4 to appear as a choice in the J2EE dependency of war3. 

BUT it is not so. 

I need add some classes in war3 that depend on classes in war4. I get a compilation error in eclipse. 
What do I need to do to make war4's classes visible to war3 ? 

its not at all clear what happens when I use those j2ee dependency wizards or the import ear. I would appreciate someone shedding light on this.


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