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Re: [wtp-dev] Helios M4 available

We've just published a version of the GlassFish plugin for Eclipse (1.0.51) to take advantage of the Java EE 6 facets in this release with our GlassFish v3 runtime.


David M Williams wrote:

For those of you that don't follow cross-project list ... it is now official!

Greatest thanks for making our WTP M4 so easy for me ...

Happy New Year!

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Hi all,

this time it's me who has the pleasure to announce the availability of Helios M4. This time it was less than one week between the Eclipse Platform build (called '+0') last Friday, several builds ('+1' to '+3') this week where other Eclipse projects prepare their contributions, and the package build (called 'EPP' - what else?) yesterday.

You can go ahead and download one of the Helios EPP packages from this URL


or you can update with the Release Train repository and the features from all participating projects from this URL


Everything is based on Eclipse 3.6M4.

Thanks again to everybody who helped to make this happen!

Regards, Markus_______________________________________________
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Version 1.0.51 of the GlassFish plugin for eclipse was published today.
Here is a link to the release notes which lists the features and bug
fixes that are included:

Even though we just published version 1.0.50 this week to correspond with the 1.2 tools bundle, we thought it important to publish a new version of the plugin since Eclipse 3.6 M4 was announced today and we want to make sure GlassFish v3 is recognized as a Java EE 6 runtime.

As with previous versions, you can download it from within Eclipse using
the Update Site wizard or via Download additional server adapters link
on the New Server Wizard.

Note that if you are using Eclipse 3.5.1, you must update from the
Update Site instead of the New Server Wizard due to
(Bug that was
present in Eclipse 3.5 is fixed, but that only corrected for a first
time install, not an update)

Please send your comments to users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and file any bugs in the issuetracker

We look forward to your feedback!

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