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[wtp-dev] [Bug 295544] New: Not possible to Enable an arbitrary project as a Faceted Project from UI

I’d like to gather feedback from WTP committers, contributors and general audience about this issue:


The proposal is to show Project Facets properties page globally (for any project type). If the project is not faceted, there would be a short description along with a button to convert the project. How smart is the conversion is a separate topic. At the bare minimum, the project would become faceted, but no facets would be installed. The user can then install them.


I’d like to hear what people think of this approach. I am not a big fan of global contributions, but in this case an argument could be made that this is appropriate. It is certainly far more discoverable than a covert action hidden in the context menu.


Thoughts? If anyone wants to read a user rant as a way to get into a proper mood for the holidays, do read the above bug.


- Konstantin

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