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Re: [wtp-dev] extending the jsp editor

The archive of versions on SourceForge likely ends at 1.3.0 because 1.2.x 
predates its existence as a SourceForge project.  We've not made it a 
priority to update that tokenizer's specification to be compatible with 
newer versions of JFlex, since as you saw it makes use of a number of 
internals specific to code generated with that version.  A number of other 
tokenizers in WTP are properly API clean and can always be generated with 
the latest and greatest JFlex.  A thorough Google search or a polite 
request on the jflex-users mailing list should yield an answer.

My own investigations when it was first released showed the internals of 
code generated by 1.3 to be vastly different than 1.2.2's, but I'm told 
that 1.4's is actually pretty similar.  Any interest in helping us update 
our files?

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP Source Editing
IBM Rational

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