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[wtp-dev] extending the jsp editor

Hi all,

I am trying to extend the existing jsp editor so that it can be used
for gsp's (grails server pages).  I have been moderately successful so
far.  However, at this point, I need to make a small change to the
grammar so that text inside of { } characters is seen as an escape to
the underlying groovy code (identical to <% %>).

To do this, I grabbed the JSPTokenizer.jflex grammar file and made a
couple of modifications.  However, when I went to recompile the jflex
grammar, I found that the grammar version was 1.2.2 and that version
is no longer available on Sourceforge (1.3 - 1.4.3  are available).
There seem to be numerous incompatibilities between the two versions
and the skeleton.sse file is no longer valid in the current version.

Does anyone know of a way I can get the bits for the 1.2.2 jflex, or
is there an updated JSPTokenizer.jflex file that I can use?  Thank you
for your help.


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