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[wtp-dev] Re: extending the XML editor

Doesn't look like there is an extension point for this, so I decided to look at the source.  

I found the code in CVS for the version I have in my current Eclipse setup (org.eclipse.wst.xml.ui_1.1.1.v200908242115), so I checked out that version from CVS but it doesn't compile.  

The MANIFEST.MF has no problems, but the plugin.xml complains about some missing IDs.  The rest of the problems (3000+) are Java compilation errors for things like missing SWT widgets.

I checked my target platform and it is set to 'Running Platform' - so I would expect it to be able to find everything it needs to compile since the MANIFEST.MF has no problems, right?

I'm running on Mac OS 10.6, with Eclipse:

Version: 3.5.1

Build id: M20090917-0800

My plan was to see if I could add an extension point and then contribute the patch.

Any ideas how to get this compiling?

At this stage I might fall back on the XML editor in the plugin wizard, but I really wanted the WST XML Editor functionality since it is extremely rich in comparison to the plugin template XML editor.

Thanks again.


2009/11/14 Christopher Brind <brindy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
OK, I found the documentation on creating my own content types here:

So any thoughts about adding a new page to the XML editor?

Thanks in advance.

2009/11/14 Christopher Brind <brindy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Having Googled the web and mail archives I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction of some documentation or articles on how to extend the XML editor.

I can see that the editor has two pages, Design and Source.  I'd like to add a third page which renders the XML in a particular way (for those who are interested, in order to render an Apache Pivot layout).

Also, is it possible to have my plug-in programatically add the extension to the list of those that the XML editor can handle?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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