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[wtp-dev] how to get a wsdl document element in my action class that extends IObjectActionDelegate and is added to wsdl editor.

Hi all,

I create a action that extend the IObjectActionDelegate to do something on a porttype.
In the action, I need to get the wsdl document element. If the porttype is in the wsdl
directly, it is ok. But if the porttype is from other wsdl file that is imported into this wsdl
file, I do not know how to get the wsdl document.
That is to say:
a.wsdl import b.wsdl. In the b.wsdl, there is a porttype, b-porttype. I use wsdl editor to open
a.wsdl, I can get the b.wsdl information in the wsdl editor because a.wsdl import b.wsdl.
right-click on the b-porttype, myAction is displayed, click it. I want to get the a.wsdl document
element in myAction class.
How to do this?

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