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[wtp-dev] Dali 3.0 release realigned with Helios

The Dali project has been planning an "off-cycle" release (Dali 3.0) with a caveat(1) for some time now. The primary goal of Dali 3.0 was to provide tooling for the upcoming JPA 2.0 specification, which was originally expected to have been released by now. As the expected spec completion date has moved out over 2 months from our expectations in the August time-frame (among other concerns), we have decided that it is best to move the Dali 3.0 release to June to align with Helios and WTP 3.2. This gives us more time to accommodate previous spec changes and any future changes in the spec schedule. Aligning Dali 3.0 to Helios (instead of simply adding an additional milestone to the schedule) will allow project committers to focus their time on one less release, reducing maintenance costs and other overhead.

It is important to note that this change does not affect our planned functionality for the December timeframe. We still plan to have a solid JPA 2.0 feature set available in the upcoming M4 milestone. The addition of 3 "feature milestones" will allow us to provide a larger-than-planned feature set in the 3.0 release.

If this change has unforeseen consequences for you, please let us know or contact the wtp-pmc.

(1) -


Neil Hauge
Dali Project Lead

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