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[wtp-dev] Problem with extending Web Page Editor

 I extended my Web Page Editor in Eclipse Europa by creating a Plugin Project and using Design-Time Tag Metadata.
In Eclipse Europa everything worked fine. Now I would like to upgrade to Galileo, the online help documentation seems to be the same, so i thought the plugin should still be working.
To describe what i wanted:
I created a new Tag in an xml file(that is included into my plugin project) for a Tag library:

<entity id="spocPage" type="tag">
<trait id="dt-info"
<value xsi:type="dti:DTInfo"
<operation id="CustomTransformOperation"
<parameter value="com.swisslog.spoc7.jsf.common.SpocPageOperation"
<operation id="CopyChildrenOperation"
<tag-decorate-info id=

As the online help describes the transform method in the class SpocPageOperation(i appended it to the mail) should be called.
But if i debug the plugin project, and set a breakpoint at the strart of the transform method nothing happens, the method is never called.
So the element i just created on the Web page editor doesn't appear as i described it in the transform method, i just can see a bold red name of the tag written down.
I tried a lot of things, but because of the docoumentation that is similar to europa i thought i dont have to...
So maby you know where i could find the error.

It would be verry helpful if you could answer this.

Kind Regards,

Nicolas Sax

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