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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP is removing temporary folders on every publish

Lucene can be configured use any folder.
However, as a matter of organization (our web app may have several instances deployed in the same server), we set the index inside the web app itself...
Well, I'll try to find a quick way in our project to. at least in development time, use another folder.
Anyway, Lucene was just an example. There also the Hibernate cache directory and file cache for images read from db and stored in temp files for the next requires which suffers from the same problem, but Lucene was the biggest problem, as any CRUD on indexed entities after publishing would just fail.
Luis Fernando Planella Gonzalez

Em Segunda-feira 17 Agosto 2009, às 12:34:36, Tim deBoer escreveu:
> Hi Luis,
> The short answer is 'no'. There are a couple of underlying options in WTP 
> for publishing, but the safest and most common is simply syncing the 
> structure of your project with the published contents. This avoids any 
> chance of the server getting out of sync through resources being modified 
> in the wrong place, deleted files being handled incorrectly, etc. Does 
> Lucene not have any way to handle this? I would have expected indexes to 
> be generated in a temp/metadata folder or have the option of putting them 
> elsewhere on disk.
> Thanks,
> Tim deBoer
> deboer@xxxxxxxxxx

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