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Re: [wtp-dev] Server Adapter Issue?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the info on ServerProfilerDelegate.

The call to ServerProfilerDelegate is the thing that opens the dialog that I referred to earlier.

I will keep digging.  Once I find out what is missing, I will report back to this list.


On 07/28/09 08:21, Tim deBoer wrote:

Hi Vince,

I don't know which dialog you're talking about, but since I don't recognize the tabs I don't think it comes from WTP. All we really need from a WTP server standpoint is a launch configuration to exist for the 'profile' launch mode, and everything else is handled by your launch configuration and/or TPTP.

If you don't want to deal with TPTP directly, there is an old hook that allows most server types to inject profiling into the launch configuration without knowing much about profiling. Take a look at the use of ServerProfilerDelegate in Tomcat's launch configuration delegate (org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core.internal.TomcatLaunchConfigurationDelegate). If your (or Glassfish's) launch configuration does something similar it should be all you need to get basic profiling going.

Hope this helps,
Tim deBoer

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