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[wtp-dev] Server Adapter Issue?


I am trying to extend the server adapter for GlassFish published by the glassfishplugins project to support Profiling with TPTP.

I have gotten to the point where the 'Profile' item is enabled in the 'right-click' menu of a GlassFish Server.

When I click the 'Profile' item, a dialog opens. The title is 'Profile on Server'.

There are two tabs on the dialog: Monitor and Destination

The Monitor tab is selected.

There is instructions to select data collectors and analysis types... but there is nothing to select.

Obviously, my plugin is missing 'something', but I have not been able to find what that something is...

I have tried to define the org.eclipse.hyades.trace.ui.launchconfigMechanismAssociator, but that had no effect on the Profile on Server dialog (as best I can tell)...

Any pointers would be appreciated,

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