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Re: [wtp-dev] Content assist behaving oddly for JSPs

This is usually a last resort kind of option, but try shutting down Eclipse and removing the entire .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.jst.jsp.core directory from under your workspace.  Any cached JSP information would be in there and will automatically be rebuilt when needed.

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07/02/2009 04:27 AM

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Re: [wtp-dev] Content assist behaving oddly for JSPs

> I can say that the embedded Java content assist won't work unless
> you have the Servlet API on the Java Build Path somehow, and it can
> be quirky in cases where no Java Source Folder is set on the project

I do have the servlet api on the classpath (from JBoss4.0.3 which we are
still stuck on), and content assist does work on new JSP files, just not in
existing ones
if you open an existing JSP that isn't working with content assist, and
re-save it using "save as", content assist works from that point onwards.
(save doesn't work, it has to be "save as" and overwrite the original file).
This is a good enough work around for now, but does this mean there is some
metadata or cache that is being updated by "save as" that isn't changed by

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